Polska, 43-450, Ustroń, ul. Krzywa 7

tel./fax. +48 (33) 854 31 56

tel. kom. 0602780562

e-mail: slonecznik@slonecznik.pl

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Our company was established in 1986 as a family enterprise and was named "SUNFLOWER". It is located in Ustroń, in the south of Poland in the  province of Silesia. At present our company is of nationwide range, and we specialize in direct processing of sunflower grains  coming  from ecological plantations in  southern Europe. We employ a qualified and experienced personnel, which, thanks to their efficiency and commitment, contributed to our company's great success on the national market. We  possess a modern production line of high efficiency, which roasts and WRAPS.......... sunflower grains, moreover, our creative technology department  guarantee the original and unique taste. In order to provide the best production and hygienic conditions in our factory we started to introduce the European union HACCP norms. Our company guarantees the highest quality of our products, deliveries at short notice  and attractive prices. Thanks to continuous and dynamic development, confidence which we get from our customers as well as professionalism and care, you can develop a long standing co-operation with our company.

The Ordinary sunflower is a one-year plant from the family complex and comes from southern areas of North America. Sunflowers were imported to Europe by the Spanish people in XVI century. Sunflowers became popular in XIX century's Russia, where they have been planted up to these days onto a wide scale. Nowadays the United States, where this plant has been cultivated on a vast scale for just 50 years, are the largest manufacturer and exporter of sunflower grains. The largest production of sunflower take place in following states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado. Sunflower seeds contain about 40% of fat, which as much as 88% account for polyunsaturated .. Fatty acid - NNKT ( ... acid and ..) which are of great importance to health, as they play a part of tissue hormone of multiple effect. Sunflower seeds contain rich supplies of proteins as well as many necessary polyunsaturated acids. Sunflowers are   particularly rich into vitamin E. A healthy adult needs   from 15 to 30 mg of this vitamin per day. 30 g of roasted sunflower fulfills  a day 's  demand for this vitamin. A small quantity of  sunflower seeds meets the  demand for important physiological elements: magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Sunflower seeds also belong  to the richest sources of foil acid, which is crucial for  pregnant women. Sunflowers are grown all over the world for many reasons. It is a plant that is not only food but also decoration and a heal plant. In medicine it is well-known and valued as panacea for many ailments- for example malaria was treated with it. In Northern America sunflower is represented by over 100 species. Nowadays, this versatile and unusually popular plant with superb gustatory values is cultivated almost all over the world.



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